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We deliver our products all over the Bangladesh for free of cost.


No worries about installation. We offer free installation for water purifiers.


We have a dedicated customer support team to help you anytime.


5 Years Free Service Warranty With 1 Year Electronic Parts Guarantee.

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Meem Water Technology Limited is an advanced Environmental Engineering and Trading Company in Bangladesh that primarily focuses on water purification and water treatment sector. It was founded in 2009. We have been in the water filtration industry for over 12 years. Using the most modern water filtration technology available, we provide you the best water purifier in Bangladesh. Our primary focus is to offer the top-notch quality and service possible and satisfy our clients. In general, our water purifier models are intended for use in homes, hospitals, workplaces, and educational institutions. The organization has developed a high-level youthful staff team and a broad selection of innovative marketing systems and worldwide sourcing. We’re confident to be the most excellent water purifier Company in Bangladesh using our advanced management expertise, extensive foundation, and consistent market base.

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Best Water Purifier in Bangladesh

Clean water is crucial for all humans. You can guarantee that the water in your house is always safe, sustainable, and free of unpleasant taste and odor by buying the best water purifier machine. The best part is that the best water purifier for home will assist you in overcoming any impurities and ensuring clean drinking water directly from the tap. There’s an increase in the number of occurrences when toxins from pollution, lead from obsolete or broken water pipes, or pesticide residue had made their way into tap water. As a result, it’s understandable to desire an additional layer of protection to enhance your local water treatment. You may do this by employing a household water filtration system, which can eliminate a wide range of contaminants from the water and guarantee that you are not drinking contaminated water.

Best Water Purifying Methods At Home

reverse osmosis water purifier filters and flushes pollutants by passing water through a semipermeable membrane. It is ideal for household use and provides a very effective technique to cleanse your drinking water. This water purifier is adaptable and dependable if you want fresh, great-tasting, chemical-free water. When it comes to the best water purifier in Bangladesh, RO water purifier is unrivaled in practically every way. They are more powerful than UV water purifiers since they often include many filtering stages. They are also less tough to maintain and are ideal for large families. UV treatment with reverse osmosis is necessary if the water source contains a high microbiological concentration. By running the water through a UV disinfection technology, bacteria, viruses, and algae can be destroyed. However, some people choose to use water purifier tablet, which does not filter sediment or chemical impurities. It is preferable to filter the water before applying purification tablets. Some compounds are less efficient or useless against specific bacteria, notably protozoans.

Electric Water Purifier Is Safe

Electric water purifier uses technologies such as RO and UV to give a more advanced kind of water filtration. As part of the water purification process, the advanced stages of RO UV water purifier contain various filters. To offer safe and clean drinking water, such an efficient purification system requires power to operate since the input water must be pushed through all of these layers of filters. An electric water purifier doesn’t require manual filling or storage of water. Top water purifier company in Bangladesh provides RO water purifiers with built-in storage capacity. It implies that you can acquire cleansed water with a simple press. It also increases safety because your input water is not exposed to the elements and is free from potential human contamination.

Buy The Best Water Purifier in Bangladesh

We give you the best water filter in Bangladesh and the highest-rated water purifiers in BD. Meem Water Technology Limited sells various sorts of high-quality RO throughout Bangladesh and assists our valued clients in selecting the finest RO or reverse osmosis system. The new RO technology will improve the flavor of the water while also making it completely safe for drinking, and the water becomes a superb standard for usage.