Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis And How Does It Work?


Reverse osmosis water purifier is a widely known water purification process in the developed world. Even after boiling water, many harmful substances remain in it which are unhealthy for our human body. But in reverse osmosis system water is completely purified without any heat generation. After purifying the water in this process, the water does not contain unnecessary minerals, which reduces a lot of pressure on our kidneys.

In this purification process, the higher concentration solution goes to the lower concentration. Normal water is directed towards the reverse osmosis membrane by applying osmotic pressure and no unhealthy and harmful substances can pass through the 0.0001 micron semi-permeable screen of this membrane.The membrane size of this filter is 0.0001 micron. The water is pressurized using a booster pump and the surface tension forces the water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. Only dissolved oxygen and mineral-rich water comes out.

The diameter of the smallest microorganism in the world is 0.01 micron, which is 100 times larger than the diameter of each hole in the RO membrane, as a result of which no bacteria, viruses are present in the RO process, and the water is always 100% pure. On the other hand, harmful substances, dirt, sand come out through the drainage line.

Currently the best technology to make water 100% safe is reverse osmosis (RO) method. In this method water is forced towards reverse osmosis membrane by applying osmotic pressure. The diameter of this semipermeable screen or membrane is 0.0001 micron.
The smallest microorganism in the world is 0.01 micron in diameter, which is 100 times larger than the diameter of each pore in an RO membrane. As a result, no heavy substances or harmful bacteria can enter the human body through the membrane. As a result, the water is free of viruses, bacteria, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine and other heavy substances.

But You have to remember that all reverse osmosis water purifiers in the Bangladesh’s market cannot provide 100% safe and pure drinking water, in that case Meem Water Technology can be the best choice of yours.

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