Why Safe Drinking Water Is Important For Human Life?


Safe drinking water is essential for human life. It’s not only essential ,humans have the right to get the facilities of safe drinking water. As per the previous report more than 3.6 billion people over the world lack safe drinking water.

Water is the most important element in human life. Human body has 60% water in the body and 90% of the blood contains water.

Our most important part of the body is the Kidney and it functions our body smoothly. Without regular kidney function ,no human body can survive. Polluted water is one of the reasons for damaging our kidneys. Basically Kidneys make the process of exiting the waste from human body by urinal process. This is the most sensitive process of the human body. Polluted Water is the main reason for kidney damage so we have to take regular safe drinking water.

Dehydration is one of the dangerous reasons for human sickness. Human body can suffer diarrhea,vomiting,fever,excessive sweating,increased urination for the cause of dehydration. Sometimes it makes more bad impact on the human body.

Basically childrens-adults,everyone suffers dehydration.To avoid dehydration we have to drink water daily at least 3.7 liters for mens, and 2.7 liters for women.
And the most important thing is to remember that , water should be safe drinking water otherwise polluted water will be the reason for other diseases.

According to the statistics of Bangladesh, about 70 million people are still deprived of safe water. Safe and clean water is one of the basic human rights.

However, groundwater is not always safe. Due to nature, different types of bacteria mix in it. Usually we can’t see it with naked eyes and drink it without worry due to which we suffer from various water borne diseases including diarrhea, typhoid, etc.

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