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Safe drinking water is important for human life. It’s now no longer best important ,people have the proper to get the centers of secure ingesting water. As consistent with the preceding record extra than three.6 billion humans over the sector lack secure ingesting water.


Water is the maximum critical  detail in human life. Human frame has 60% water withinside the frame and 90% of the blood carries water.


Our maximum critical a part of the frame is the Kidneyand it capabilities our frame smoothly. Without ordinary kidney function ,no human frame can survive. Polluted water is one of the motives for adverse our kidneys. Basically Kidneys make the manner of exiting the waste from human frame through urinal manner. This is the maximum touchy manner of the human frame.


Polluted Water is the primary purpose for kidney harm so we ought to take ordinary secure ingesting water.



Dehydration is one in all the damaging motives for human sickness. Human frame can go through diarrhea,vomiting,fever,immoderate sweating,multiplied urination for the reason of dehydration.


Sometimes it makes extra terrible effect at the human frame.


Basically childrens-adults,absolutely each person suffers dehydration.To keep away from dehydration we ought to drink water day by day at the least three.7 liters for mens, and 2.7 liters for women.


And the maximum critical factor is to take into account that , water must be secure ingesting water in any other case polluted water could be the purpose for different illnesses.




According to the information of Bangladesh, approximately 70 million humans are nevertheless disadvantaged of secure water. Safe and easy water is one of the fundamental human rights.



However, groundwater isn’t constantly secure. Due to nature, special varieties of micro organism blend in it. Usually we can not see it with bare eyes and drink it with out fear because of which we be afflicted by numerous water borne illnesses which includes diarrhea, typhoid, etc.



There are numerous approaches in use for water purification.


For example:




  1. The maximum not unusualplace approach for purifying water is to boil it for ingesting.


According to analyze through the World Health Organization, boiling water at a temperature of 60 ranges Celsius or extra for not less than five to twenty-five mins will wreck the entirety which includes the micro organism in it.


But it’s far higher now no longer to drink boiled water for extra than days.



  1. Ceramic clear out out: Most humans in Bangladesh use this kind of ceramic clear out out. However, doubts stay approximately how lots this kind of clear out out can purify water. Experts say that this kind of ceramic clear out out water cleaner relies upon on how easy the clear out out is.


three.Chlorine drugs or bleaching:



Chlorine drugs or bleaching are generally utilized in regions in which there may be no possibility to boil or clear out out water. Water is purified via this kind of pill mainly for the duration of travel. This kind of pill is mainly famous with adventurers.


But the most important trouble with this kind of pill is that many humans can not tolerate the odor it carries. That’s why there can be reluctance to drink water.


And seeing that sparkling water is some other call for life, there may be no different manner however to drink water.



  1. Potash:



Water may be purified via the usage of potash. In this case, in case you blend a small quantity of potash with water and preserve it for 2-three hours, the dust could be washed below the water. But even on this case, it isn’t viable to make certain whether or not the water is absolutely purified.



five. Fitkiri:



After boiling the water, tie a chunk of alum in a cotton bag and immerse it for some hours. After some hours, the dust could be separated and accumulated. However, even on this case, it isn’t viable to assure whole destruction of germs.



  1. iodine:


Mix 2 percentage alum nicely in 1 liter of water and preserve it protected for a while, the water becomes natural.



  1. Reverse osmosis clear out out:



At gift, the maximum superior era that may be used to purify water is referred to as opposite osmosis filtering machine.


Reverse osmosis structures have the modern-day era that permits the entirety from doing away with germs from water to doing away with odors from water. So every day opposite osmosis era is turning into famous amongst humans.





Role and merchandise of Meem Water Technology Limited withinside the safety of secure water in Bangladesh:



Since its inception in 2009, Meem Water Technology Limited has been gambling an powerful position in water purification and water remedy flowers in Bangladesh.


Due to the sector’s fine product, the united states’s fine technician and the fine customer support, Meem Water has received lots reputation most of the consumers.


Since opposite osmosis era is the modern-day era for water purification, Meem Water Technology Limited does now no longer compromise on its excellent control.And so nowadays in 2022, Meem Water Technology has received the believe and love of clients throughout the united states after a protracted adventure of thirteen years.



Meem Water Technology is presently running on numerous varieties of water purification structures. They are:



Household water purifiers



Commercial water purifiers



Industrial water plant



Filter media and chemicals



Water legislator



Shower clear out out



Vegetable cleaner, Etc.







Meem Water Technology Limited gives the sector’s fine water cleaner logo with opposite osmosis era.


Notable manufacturers are:







Lan Shan


Aqua Pro






Top Klean












Easy Pure




Eureka Classic






Also Meem Water Technology Limited is running with modern-day era each day.


One of the fine merchandise at the back of Meem Water Technology Limited being the fine water purification corporation in Bangladesh is Water ATM. Which has received extensive reputation amongst clients for providing water at low fee at commercial level.



What is a Water ATM?



Water ATM is a famous invention of contemporary era. With Water ATM, folks that can not purify water at domestic through boiling water or different purification structures can accumulate water to be used from water ATM machines at a low fee the use of ATM playing cards that appear to be financial institution ATM playing cards.


Especially because of the growth withinside the use of water ATMs, the fueloline wastage is reducing each day in Bangladesh. Because it typically takes up to twenty-five mins to boil water in a fueloline stove.



So if the usage of water ATM may be multiplied then it is going to be viable to save you the wastage of huge quantity of fueloline in Bangladesh.



For extra targeted data approximately Water ATMs visit:



Water ATM






What is Reverse Osmosis and the way does it purify water?



Reverse osmosis water cleaner is a widely recognized water purification manner withinside the advanced international. Even after boiling water, many dangerous materials stay in it which can be dangerous for our human frame. But in opposite osmosis machine water is absolutely purified with none warmth generation. After purifying the water on this manner, the water does now no longer comprise needless minerals, which reduces a variety of strain on our kidneys.


In this purification manner, the better awareness answer is going to the decrease awareness. Normal water is directed toward the opposite osmosis membrane through making use of osmotic strain and no dangerous and dangerous materials can byskip via the 0.0001 micron semi-permeable display screen of this membrane.The membrane length of this clear out out is 0.0001 micron. The water is pressurized the use of a booster pump and the floor anxiety forces the water to byskip via the opposite osmosis membrane. Only dissolved oxygen and mineral-wealthy water comes out.



The diameter of the smallest microorganism withinside the international is 0.01 micron, that’s one hundred instances large than the diameter of every hollow withinside the RO membrane, because of which no micro organism, viruses are gift withinside the RO manner, and the water is constantly one hundred% natural. On the opposite hand, dangerous materials, dust, sand pop out via the drainage line.



Currently the fine era to make water one hundred% secure is opposite osmosis (RO) approach. In this approach water is pressured toward opposite osmosis membrane through making use of osmotic strain. The diameter of this semipermeable display screen or membrane is 0.0001 micron.


The smallest microorganism withinside the international is 0.01 micron in diameter, that’s one hundred instances large than the diameter of every pore in an RO membrane. As a result, no heavy materials or dangerous micro organism can input the human frame via the membrane. As a result, the water is freed from viruses, micro organism, arsenic, cadmium, chlorine and different heavy materials.



But You ought to take into account that  all opposite osmosis water purifiers withinside the Bangladesh’s  marketplace can not offer one hundred% secure and natural ingesting water, if so Meem Water Technology may be the fine desire of yours.





Things to preserve in thoughts earlier than shopping for a opposite osmosis machine:




  1. Use of 10 inch clear out out to be had withinside the marketplace


  1. Is the manufacturing ability one hundred GPD?) Production ability is one hundred gallons consistent with day for family use


three. 0.forty five micron PP is utilized in pre-level and sediment clear out out


  1. Use of coconut shell carbon in carbon filters


five. Are dietary supplements secure to feature minerals? Or is the RO skip the use of the damaging heavy metals withinside the supply water as minerals?


  1. Are Alkaline dietary supplements getting used to stability the pH (preferably 7-8.five)?


  1. Is the filtered water reservoir a meals grade air strain tank that stops water infection or a easy plastic box.


  1. Whether it’s far viable to apply more than one water taps, or constant with the machine


  1. How is the after income provider? Whether the corporation is supplying provider to you for any trouble you have.





Why purchase merchandise of Meem Water Technology Limited?



Meem Water Technology Limited offers you a 6 months elements guarantee so that you can use our merchandise with none worries.


Also, Meem Water Technology is providing unfastened provider up to a few months after product installation.


Also patron comments is taken often from Meem Water Technology’s patron care department in order that we touch you earlier than you for any cleaner associated issue.


Also, you could without delay name Meem Water Technology customer support range for any trouble and get immediate trouble solutions.In addition, there may be 24 hours technician support.



Many clients whinge that once buying the product, they ought to face numerous troubles because of the non-availability of the product elements, so often they’re pressured to throw away nearly new water purifiers.



In that case Meem Water Technology Limited assures you approximately all of the elements. Parts and PP in your merchandise are constantly to be had at our income workplace and company workplace.








Why must I spend a lot to shop for a opposite osmosis cleaner? Boiling water best makes it natural.



Of path boiled water is natural however it isn’t one hundred% secure. It kills many varieties of germs and continues many germs alive..Besides, boiling water can reason numerous different troubles, such as:



Boiling water for an prolonged time frame can growth the extent of fluoride found in it past risky limits. Water-soluble fluoride reasons bone disorders, ensuing in smooth bone fractures, common bone pain, and plenty of different troubles. Along with that, the consumption of fluoride withinside the frame of youngsters below 8 years of age can harm the bones and tooth as nicely


Re-boiling water can growth soluble arsenic tiers. Although the presence of small quantities of arsenic in water isn’t dangerous, excessive tiers of arsenic can reason most cancers, infertility, pores and skin illnesses, coronary heart sickness and different mental troubles.

Although calcium is important for tooth and bones, re-boiling water will increase its soluble calcium tiers significantly. Which reasons kidney and gall bladder stone troubles.

Re-boiling after boiling can absolutely wreck or growth the tiers of soluble gases and unstable compounds in water. This now no longer best adjustments the flavor of the water, however additionally adjustments the overall density, chemistry and troubles of the water.


Water soluble nitrates aren’t very dangerous. But whilst the water is re-boiled, the identical quantity of nitrate toxin in it becomes nitrosamine. This substance is chargeable for the improvement of most cancers and leukemia, and ordinary publicity to nitrosamines can reason different illnesses.



That’s why despite the fact that boiled water is natural, there are numerous insecurities in it. Moreover, the ultra-modern opposite osmosis clear out out era has numerous advantages. In example:



The ultra-modern opposite osmosis purification machine makes the water absolutely secure with five-10 tiers of purification.


All varieties of water may be purified with this manner and the produced water may be very beneficial for the human frame.


Cooking rice with opposite osmosis water does now no longer melt the rice. Tea-espresso is excellent tasting that’s lots talked approximately.


No warmth utility is needed and the water is one hundred% natural with out warmth utility that’s scientifically proven.


The water produced through opposite osmosis manner does now no longer comprise needless minerals, so ingesting this water reduces the strain at the kidneys to a terrific extent.









Why is Meem Water Technology Limited’s product the fine?



Due to the recognition of opposite osmosis era purifiers, there was an growth withinside the range of adulterated merchandise withinside the marketplace nowadays. Due to which regularly consumers are being cheated. Meem Water Technology ensures you the fine product on the fine price. Meem Water Technology guarantees any product excellent after which supplies it on the patron level. Also, Meem Water Technology’s popularity for after income provider has unfold during Bangladesh.


That’s why the call of Meem Water Technology comes at the start of the call of the fine water purification in Bangladesh.



That’s why you could appropriately take Meem Water Technology merchandise for the safety of your own circle of relatives and organization.

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